Drink And Sex And Girls

By | April 9, 2010

In moderation alcohol can make an evening relaxed and mellow. It can remove just enough inhibitions to ensure that nothing distracts you from enjoying yourself and the company of those around you.

The key of course is moderation. Drink too much and your easy wit and banter can become boorish and stupid. A little more and you’re incoherent and further down the slippery slope you’ll be unconscious, or in the case of a man you might not be able to perform in bed.

There is also a more serious issue when it comes to sex while drunk. Consent.

If circumstances conspire to make one partner regret an encounter the day after, establishing if consent was given can be difficult after the event even if you were both sober. The nightmare scenario and one which happily I have never had to deal with.

With the added complication of alcohol everyone’s perception of events is distorted, you may not even be able to remember clearly your own actions let alone those of others.

Sex without consent is rape, there’s no doubt about that. But what if the parties involved were not coherent enough to give consent. Their thought processes impaired by alcohol they could do something they would not do sober and become resentful the next day. They may even be so drunk that their memory of events is not a reliable record of what actually went on. In which case who’s to say that you did or didn’t give consent?

So my advice is to be careful. Drunken giggly, fall asleep when you’ve come and wake up hours later type sex is great fun. Just don’t go too far and either miss out on sex altogether because you become Mr Floppy, or put you and your partner in a position where you might be clearing up the consequences for a long time.