Sex At The Office

By | April 10, 2010

I remember a cold February evening, the sharp air outside in utter contrast to her car. She drove us to the office where we both worked and pulled up opposite the door. There was nobody else about, it was after all nine in the evening. I pulled out my key as we walked to the entrance and let us in.

Our breathing was quick, partly from the frosty air and partly because of the excitement we both felt. I typed the security code into the alarm as carefully as I could with her arms encircling me from behind.

I locked the door then turned to plant a soft kiss on her lips. I felt her press close to me and hold me tight in the cool air of the corridor. The heating was off and the building had begun to cool dramatically.

“Coffee?” I asked. She nodded mutely and we made our way up three flights of stairs to the second floor. It was an Victorian house, huge in scale, converted to the offices of the firm we worked for. As a manager I had a key and access to the building for emergencies.

This was an emergency. We both lived with our parents and we both needed to fuck. Those two facts are incompatible. That is a real emergency.

The kettle filled we filled each others mouth with tongues and let our hands roam across each others bodies. I felt her breasts through her blouse, slid my hands around her back and down to her buttocks. Her hands stroked my hair, my neck my back and made my hair stand on end. I immersed myself in the scent of her hair and the exciting smell of her perfume.

Why is the smell of a new girlfriend so exhilarating?

Who cares, it is. Her hips pressed into my groin. The lump in my jeans rubbing against her, giving pleasure to us both just by being there. She turned out the light, the room had no curtains and with the light on anyone in the surrounding houses could look in and observe us. With the room light off and the yellow glow of the sodium streetlights trickling in we became dark grey-yellow shapes, indistinct and intriguing to each other – invisible to those outside.

She pulled away from me, leaning back against a wall, yes looking down at the buttons of her blouse meaningfully. I obliged, one button at a time. One half of me wanting to rip it open the other wanting to tease. The tease won. She shrugged the blouse from her shoulders to reveal what appeared to be a pink silk slip.

Her impatience got the better of her and her unfastened her jeans and pealed then off for me, kicking off her boots at the same time.

I slid my hand down her tummy expecting to slip inside the waistband of a pair of silk French knickers. Instead, much to my surprise and her mischievous delight, I found she was actually wearing a one-piece teddy. She giggled at my surprise.

I pulled my shirt over my head and almost leaped out of my clothes. With a dribbling erection released I pressed against her, sandwiching her against the wall, touching, kissing rubbing my stiff cock against her stomach, leaving a trail of dampness there.

I tried, in vain to unfasten the crotch of her underwear. She pushed me away slightly and undid the poppers.

We fell to our knees and then, wrapped in each others arms we fell to the floor. She rolled onto her back and raise her knees. Her heals dug into the dark red carpet as I slid between her parted legs. Guided by instinct I pressed against her entrance and continued my insistent advance until I felt her lips part to allow me access. She let out the smallest of gasps. Not to gratify me but an automatic expression of her desire to feel me deep inside her.

Each millimetre that I advanced brought us closer together in mind and body until we were intertwined in each other’s bodies and minds. My pelvis swung, slowly at first then after a few minutes faster until she climaxed, nails digging into my bare back. I slowed, her now wet pussy moistening us both with its fragranced issue.

My hand was behind her head, pressing her face into my lips and our pelvic thrusts synchronised in a slow dance until I felt a burning, intense and slow orgasm fill me with light.

We rolled over, still touching, laying next to each other and studying the shadows on the ceiling for several minutes until we realised that the cold was too intense and we dressed and enjoyed the two most fabulous post-coital coffees ever made.