I Got Me Some

By | December 27, 2007

AlexSuze.comYou may recall if you managed to sneak away from your relatives on Christmas day evening that we had both over indulged. No, not that kind of indulgence. Lol That was the problem.

My parents had tempted us with so much food that day and you feel obliged to eat it. I mean at what other time of year do people eat dates and satsumas? Then finally after eating our way through a huge dinner and a very rich portion of Christmas pudding, we were asked…your dad has made a lovely Christmas cake…we groaned…”Would you like a peace with a cup of tea”.

How could we say no! Dad had laboured over this cake for hours. So we had a small portion and that was the final straw. We both sat back on the sofa holding our stomachs, vowing never to eat another thing.

Consequently, when we arrived home full of lust, we were too stuffed to do anything physical. After a couple of hours I couldn’t wait any longer to get some cock. I had a solution to the problem…no need to try and achieve miraculous positions! 😉

I took Alex by the hand upstairs to our bedroom. Threw off all my clothing and assumed the position on the mattress. Doggy style! There, I had found the perfect positon after Christmas dinner. No, having to scrunch up or take your partners weight, trouble free fucking. Lol

I’m not sure if having a full stomach helped but he was hitting my g-spot with each thrust and I came several times. Alex wasn’t long behind, with a huge grunt he shot his load inside me, then toppled on to the bed at the side of me.

They say where there is a will there is a way and I can’t go all day with being fucked…simple as that. 🙂