Katie Price – In The Pink

By | December 27, 2007

AlexSuze.comThere was a time when a topless model in a newspaper would cause outrage. Today it’s commonplace and rather bland. “Lad’s Mags” have tried to keep interest going by increasing the “nipple count” and adding glossy colour to attract readers. Because let’s face it guys, who buys Nuts or Zoo primarily to read the sport section.

Whether you love or hate Page 3 of the Sun newspaper, or the weekly glossy lad’s mags you have to admit that boobs in the UK press are not big news.

Katie Price AKA Jordan is not vilified as a loose woman with questionable morals as she would have been in the 1950s, but has her own TV show with husband Peter Andre (OK, had I don’t know if there’s a series 2 in the pipeline), she is a celebrity brand guaranteed to sell newspapers/magazines.

There is one thing that really ticks me off about Katie Price (OK a few things but this is the one that really makes me cringe). It’s not the modelling or the celebrity glitz bullshit, that’s part of the product that is Jordan. No it’s the pink.

The wedding was pink. She thinks in pink, even her bloody book about Poinies is Pink. Then there’s the subject of the book, PONIES!

Katie puuuhhleeaasse! Please stop being so girly. It makes me want to puke. It’s like Barbie come to life with extra pinkness.

One last thing. Stop being so horrible to Peter he doesn’t deserve it.

OK, one more last thing. Probably the results of looking at too much porn but it’s taken me all my self control not to edit the image to read “Pony Girls” instead of “Perfect Ponies”

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