Where’s My Whip?

By | December 28, 2007

AlexSuze.comAh, the clandestine world of being a sexually active couple … such fun but so many dangers. Mainly the danger of being found out by the relos at Christmas.

When you have many toys around and you use some of them quite regularly the changes of a relative happening across them are quite high. This is a theme that we’ve covered before and in the process of researching it (researching for this site is such a chore you know, porn site after porn site … LOL) Suze came across a company that might have the answer. To the Toy problem at least.

Soooo I wrote an article for The A-Rouse.com site. Why not pop over and have a look.

Right, off out now, more realtives to visit.

I wonder if they’ll leave out anything a little incriminating. That would certainly add a little interest to the visit.