Am I Bad?

By | December 28, 2007

AlexSuze.comSuze and I are about half way through our break now. It looks like it’s going to be one of those breaks where we go back wondering what we actually achieved, but what’s new?

Anyway, at least we’re better than the poor souls who are working over Christmas and New Year. Aside from the obvious ones, emergency workers, nurses, armed forces and those of you out there who facilitate the western world’s need for shopping at every possible opportunity are a couple of people in Suze’s office. They’ve had to cover over Christmas.

On of them is “Busty”. Suze has talked about her before but until today I’d never met her. Suze can be a real cow, dropping hints about how cute she is and what an inviting cleavage she has. Anyway we popped in today to give her a bit of moral support.

I can confirm that she’s friendly.

She’s funny.

She’s got a pair of breasts that would bear closer examination, if she’d let me.

And I started to have some very bad thoughts about her. Her and me, her and Suze, her and Suze and me. You get the picture.

The fact is that although she is attractive she’s not what I’d call “my type”, but she is proof that a great personality is the key to sexual attraction. OK so it’s unlikely that any couple will get together without the physical attraction being present at the start, but personality is what makes a great relationships and keeps it going. Look at me and Suze. She has always had sex appeal by the bucket load, she’s vivacious, adventurous and always horny, but without a personality I’m attracted to even that could have worn thin a long time ago.

However, it wasn’t a long term relationship I was thinking about with Busty. The first thing that came to mind was copping a feel of her tits. Base and unsophisticated I know but if you’d been there you’d have thought the exact same thing. The next though as Suze and Busty waiting for me at home one night after work. You know, they come home early for a bit of girl-on-girl R and R and then invite me to join in the party … and so it went on.

All clichéd porn magazine stuff but she does have a naughty look in her eye and despite Suze’s previously stated view that Busty wasn’t keen on the idea of a bit of same-sex action I’m sure she could be persuaded.

I’m sure reality will kick in shortly and dispel these fantasies. Until it does I’ll have a big daft smile on my face.