Does He Grunt When He Cums?

By | April 13, 2010

GymI’m still being a good girl and going to gym every other day and I’m resolute that it will continue.  It’s benefiting me all sorts of ways including getting me out there with real people.  After all it may be good interacting with people online but you also need to speak to people in the flesh from time to time.

Alex and I both attended the gym today and started off on the rowing machines as normal.  The only problem with this is that you are next to grunt corner, where there is a lot of testosterone flying about over there.

If you can visualise this.  It’s a corner of the main gym which is surrounded on all three walls by floor to ceiling mirrors so the guys can lift and strain whilst checking themselves out in the mirrors.

Today I was looking at the guys through different eyes having watched The Wrestler starring Micky Rourke last night and the unhealthy lifestyle of painkillers, steroid injections and other drugs he was taking just to be able to wrestle.

I was contemplating the film as I started to pull on the handle of the rowing machine and listening to the variations of the “weight trainers call”.  Some of the sounds that were coming out of that corner today were hilarious.  One guy sounded like he was encountering multiple orgasms and grunted every time he lifted and another as Alex pointed out to me sounded like a toy dog.  Lol

The great shame about this is that you aren’t facing them when you row, they are behind, I would love to watch as I’m rowing away it would make the time pass much quicker.  Do you think I should ask the manager to turn the machines round.  🙂