Silent Fucking

By | December 29, 2007

AlexSuze.comYesterday evening we had Alex’s parents over for dinner and we didn’t get to bed until late and guess what. We were both too tired to do anything naughty. Both of us fell in to bed and collapsed. I intended to just shut my eyes for a moment and the next thing I know it’s daylight.

Then today, you know we must be gluttons for punishment, we offered to look after little nephew from this morning until tomorrow evening. I’m currently having to sit here keying this in as the little one drops off to sleep, between shags as it were. 😉

We just attempted, to fuck in silence. Bear in mind that the little one is now growing up and before long will be totally aware of his surroundings, if you get what I mean. At the moment Alex’s bedside drawer has lube in most of them of one variety or another and a cock ring or two.

Whilst mine has a couple of clit vibes hidden between my underwear. It won’t be long before he is rooting in these drawers and then EVERYTHING has to be moved before he comes over. At the moment whilst he can’t read and as long as it doesn’t look like a cock, we seem to be ok.

However, it is a little more difficult to hide my elation when fucking. 😉 I have always been a vocal girl, it just doesn’t feel right to keep it in. So tonight just before writing this, I’m up on all fours getting the seeing to of a lifetime and the bloody bed starts squeaking.

I grabbed a hold of the bedhead in an attempt to stifle the noise and it worked to a degree. But when Alex rammed buried his cock cervix deep inside me it was almost killing me to suppress my elation. I tried burying my head in the pillow but felt like I was suffocating, yes I could moan in to its fibres but I also couldn’t breath.

Then I tried covering my mouth with my hand and had to let go the bedhead to do so…return of squeaking. Despite the noise we didn’t hear the little on stir but trying to stealth fuck is nigh on impossible.

How do you manage to restrain yourselves…anyone got any tips?