Would I Share Her?

By | December 29, 2007

AlexSuze.comI didn’t quite realise just how much thought Alex’s post about getting it on with Busty would bring about. I’ve wanted to get in to her pants for weeks now and she has done nothing to change that desire.

Only…when Alex wrote the other day about me and her getting it on and how he would like to be involved…well, it started me thinking.

Would I want the relationship (hypothetical at the moment) with Busty and myself to extend outside of a pure girl-on-girl thing. Until now I hadn’t really included Alex in this naughty desire of mine to get it on with my fellow co-worker. It had been all about me and her. 😉

Now it was apparent that despite the fact that Alex, in common with most men, would love to watch me making out with another girl, he would also like to be involved. This scenario is not one that I’d considered and thought-through .

Do I want to share her with Alex? And do I want Alex to fuck her? I’m not sure. This all felt really natural and good until I started thinking about him being involved. Could I handle him fucking this other girl?

I suppose you don’t really know until the moment presents itself and in a way I am rather jumping the gun. But I suppose these things do need to be carefully considered prior to the event so as not to cause any embarrassment or jealousy.

The question I really need to address is “Would I be jealous of him fucking Busty?”, I suppose my gut reaction to this question is “Yes, of course I would…I love him” but part of me says “If you are sharing the girl, then what is the problem?”.

Quite a dilemma really when you think about it. Which I really shouldn’t have done. Lol It only makes my head hurt.

I mean, would I be content if both Alex and I shared the “third” or would the little green jealousy monster creep in. Personally, I would like to think that I am old enough and secure enough in our relationship and the commitment we have to each other, that I could handle it.

Who really knows, until they are faced with the opportunity. And lets face it, this situation doesn’t crop up every day, does it?

Has anyone else out there got desires to bring another in to the bedroom? If so how did you decide this was right for you both and if you have gone along with it, how have you coped with the jealousy aspect?

That’s me, always eager to explore new things and getting myself in to trouble … but the best kind of trouble. 😉