Ask Alex

By | November 5, 2006

Crazed KittenMrs ZigZagMan asks:While toy shopping for glass dildos I found references to the bulbous end being used as “a popper”. What do they mean by this?”

Well, I did a bit of research, because no matter how many sexual terms you learn, there are always others to discover. The result of which is that I’ve experienced the act of popping without knowing its name.

Googling the term obviously brings up plenty of references to Amyl Nitrate , or poppers. The inhalation of which is used by some people to enhance orgasm. Fankly, when I’ve tried it I feel like I’ve got tachycardia and that’s not a particularly pleasant experience. So kids, as far as I’m concerned, “Just say no”. LOL.

So what is popping in the sense that Mrs Zigzagman asks about? Well it’s the use of anal toys, beads in particular though not exclusively. The action of popping takes place when the sphincter muscles of the rectum are dilated by the thicker part of the toy, only to rapidly contract to the thinner part of the toy during insertion and/or withdrawal.

The sensation can be very intense, for me it’s on the pleasure pain barrier and triggers intense synaesthesia. So don’t operate machinery while indulging in such play.

Mr Zigzagman asks:I like to shave the tummies of kitties and then paint a number on them with magic marker. if I have two or more I then race them on the kitchen linoleum. at times….I feel guilty….is this wrong?

Well Mr Zig, that depends on how you race them. Using Cambridge rules (Published in hardback 1924 as “Kitten Racing and Cat Coursing”, Cambridge University Press) then you’re fine. There has only been one prosecution and that was overturned by the High Court in 1978 (The Crown Vs Prosser).

However the use of desk fans, rollerskates and catapults should be avoided as these are explicitly prohibited.

However guilt is a relative thing, so if you find it helps just feel that slight niggling unease that you get when you knowingly accept the wrong change from a storekeeper. Rather than the crushing weight of damnation that follows hiding the last doughnut in the box for yourself.