Sticky Kinky Sex

By | April 17, 2010

Black StockingsShe closed the door, locked it and slid back the two bolts, top and bottom. The sign was turned to read “Closed” and we pulled down the blinds.

She walked back to the counter and slowly unbuttoned her white coat to reveal the red blouse and black skirt underneath. The neckline of her top plunged between ripe breasts ready for plucking.

“Shall I take everything off?” She asked, teasing.

“Yes, everything.” I confirmed.

I watched with my cock hardening in my trousers while she unbuttoned her blouse and revealed a black bra, lacy and feminine. The red fabric fell to the floor and was quickly joined by the black skirt when it had been unzipped and wiggled over her hips. Panties, matching her bra were pulled off next. She let them drop to her ankles and looked straight at me. Her sex was on display, swollen and obviously ready for me, the thin strip of hair she had left in place pointed up to her navel and down to her temptingly ripe pussy.

The sight of her black shoes with the smallest of kitten heels teased me, their apparently sensible nature contrasting starkly with the exposed and sexually charged minx standing in front of me. She reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra. Revealed, her breasts showed the lines of the bra’s seams pressed into her soft flesh from hours of wearing it.

Her dark, wavy hair just touched her shoulders and mock-innocence stared out at me from all too knowledgeable eyes. I smiled at the thought of what I wanted to do to her.

She kicked off the underwear from her feet and reached down to roll-off her stockings.

“Stop.” I said, “Leave them on.”

She grinned.

I reached to the counter and pulled out the liquorice rope, woven from thin strands of black liquorice by her own hands. She hopped up onto the longest of the two counters and lay back, hands crossed on her stomach, her lower legs hanging down over the end. I bound her with the soft, flexible chord, the smell of her sex mixing with that of the liquorice as it was heated by her body.

I reached into a jar on the shelves and pulled out a green lollipop. She opened her mouth to receive it and sucked it in past her red painted lips, her tongue tasting its sweetness. Grabbed a handful of chocolate buttons and placed them carefully around her breasts, spiralling up to each nipple.

Starting at the outmost end of the spirals I slowly and carefully lifted each one from her skin with my tongue, finishing by sucking her nipples. By the time I had reach the second nipple the chocolate had begun to melt leaving dark brown marks on her skin.

She squirmed and undulated as I devoured the chocolate, releasing satisfying moans and all the time sucking on the lollipop.

I drew the now wet and sticky candy from her mouth and moved between her legs. I licked her slit, tasting chocolate and pussy together. Then I circled her clitoris with the lollipop making her buck and wriggle even more. I slowly slid it down and into her pussy until only the tip of the lollipop stick remained outside between my thumb and forefinger.

I then pulled it out and slipped the lollipop between her slightly parted lips. She evidently enjoyed the flavour, sucking it more enthusiastically than ever.

I dropped my trousers, pulling her towards me. Her legs encircled my waist, her arms, still tied with liquorice reached over my head and behind my neck. I pulled her off the counter and down onto my cock which slid into her, literally, sweet pussy. Sucking hard on the lollipop she encouraged me with loud moans to lift her up and down on my throbbing erection until I exploded inside her, the air suffused with the smell of chocolate, liquorice and lime.