Content With Content Warning?

By | December 31, 2007

AlexSuzeI must say that the “Content Warning’s” that Google are adding to the front of Blogger blogs at the moment are a little unpredictable. I’ve seen them appear on some of the tamest adult blogs out there whilst other more strongly themed blogs are unflagged, so how are they making the decision to flag them?

Are we the readers prompting them? Or are they slowly making their way through the thousands of blogs out there and deciding which ones warrant flagging. If that is the case, which criteria are they using to make that decision? Or are all adult content blogs going to be flagged eventually?

Some may consider this Kudos whilst others may be left wondering why the need when most blogs already carry their own “Adult Content Warnings” at the top of their page. We can be responsible little bloggers when we try. Lol

Personally, we use WordPress and host our own site so this doesn’t present a problem to us but I do get annoyed at the promise of strong adult themed material, which this flagging suggests to be greeted by sites with posts which are no more adult themed than a book you could pull off any bookshop shelf.

Does your average bookshop have a top shelf for this kind of material, or does it let the reader make their own choices about which book to read?

What do you think?