Fucked In The Country

By | April 17, 2010

Baby Oiled BoobsJust back from a walk and while I feel very virtuous from having got some fresh air I am pooped. After driving to Ikea this morning and really wanting to get the new desks assembled this evening I realise as always that there simply isn’t enough time. Well at least before Doctor Who is broadcast at 18:30.

This really is the last chance for Doctor Who in his new incarnation. If this episode is pants no amount of short skirts and innuendo from Amy Pond is going to keep me watching. Let’s face it, for me at least the problem isn’t the new assistant, it’s the new Doctor. In fact as I said to Suze the other day I’d prefer it if she were the Doctor. I seem to be in the minority however on this one as most other people seem to like the new format … I’m happy to be an individual.