Rub Her Up Or Should I Say Rubber Up

By | December 31, 2007

AlexSuzeIt’s one hell of a long time since I had sex with a guy wearing a condom. Because Alex and I have been together for what seem like forever, we have never had to use them. Except for a couple of times when I was struck down with a vomiting virus or changed contraceptive pills.

I recall that the rubbers we used when I was a teenager were very thick and permitted very little by the way of sensation. To be honest I preferred bare back but you had to use them given that AIDS was gripping the country.

One thing I never mastered, despite being asked to apply them to various male appendages, was how to put them on with finesse whilst being very sexy. After all the last thing you want is to watch a girl struggling to roll a condom over your erect dick when all you want to do is push her in to the bed and fuck her brains out.

I tried and tried, even using my mouth to roll one on but it was a bloody failure. There is no way that you can put one of those things on and look sexy whilst doing it. The sheer expression of concentration as you roll it down his cock trying not to rip or tear it is enough to strike the fear of God in to most of us.

Some just wouldn’t uncoil at all and you had to resort to removing them from your expectant partner and try rolling them out and then straight back in again ready for application. By the time I got them on his cock was already on its way down, having forgotten quite why it was erect in the first place. Lol

Then there were the early attempts at flavours which all tasted synthesised and very sweet. Not at all tempting to the taste buds but it was the nearest most guys came to a blow job and you didn’t have to swallow. 😉

Come to think of it, I have never had an affinity with rubber. I once tried to use the cap and what fun that was. You have all heard the stories of the lubed up cap flying across the room as the girl tries to insert it…well that girl was me. More often than not, I would insert a furry cap inside my pussy because it would be covered in carpet fluff when I retrieved it from the other side of the bedroom. Lol

And then after all the trouble I took inserting the bloody thing I had a reaction to either the lube I was using or the rubber compound and had to stop using it.

What brought these memorable moments to light is that we have got some unusual condoms to test drive and it brought all these memories flooding back.

Have you any that you wish to share with us dear reader…

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