Lesbians, Lots of Lesbians

By | April 19, 2010

Three LesbiansMost men love to watch two women getting it on. I am one of those men.

At its simplest it’s because two women fooling around is not as threatening to their masculinity as seeing a man and a woman together. Certainly, given the choice most men would love to see their partners fucked by another woman than a man.

For women, being attended to sexually by another woman doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly lose your liking for cock. After all sleeping with another woman does not make you lesbian and may not even make you bisexual, just curious and experimental. But it could. Women should understand a woman’s need better than men, therefore you could discover that intimacy with another woman gives you the satisfaction that a man can’t compare with.

For men though, this doesn’t even register as a possibility. It seems to correlate to a logic that says, two women means two shots at goal. And even if you don’t get to go down the threesome route the possibility or sight of you woman with another females gives you twice the wanking opportunities. Involve another man and she might just prefer him, his cock, his technique, and that is threatening.

Is this right? After all if I might want a threesome where I get two bites of the cherry, shouldn’t Suze have the opportunity to get two bites at the banana?