Cleavage Calamity

By | April 19, 2010

Louise MinchinI’m going to come clean on this.  I’m a regular viewer of the BBC’s One Show which is hosted every evening at 7pm by Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley.  As I watched the holiday stand ins Louise Minchin and Chris Hollis to the trailer for the show on Friday I noted that Louise had rather a nice blue dress on with a bit of a low neckline which revealed a very nice cleavage.

I noted this because Louise is normally very well covered when she appears in her normal spot on the BBC news.  Then when the show came on I was rather shocked to see that under her lovely blue dress she was now wearing something white which covered her cleavage.

Alex was watching with me but hadn’t noticed that she had “covered up” he thought she had been wearing the white top underneath her dress all along.  Then I began to wonder if I had imaged what I had seen earlier and just dismissed it as being a detail I missed.

Then I read in the papers that she had been asked to cover up by the show’s producers whilst a party political broadcast was being aired.  The blue dress she was wearing was an Alexander McQueen costing £1,000 which was ruined by the BBC’s over sensitivity.

You can seen people walking around showing far more in public than Louise and at least her cleavage was worth looking at.  Are we taking a step backwards here?