Sex Freak

By | April 19, 2010

Gabriella CilmiAccording to my least favourite celeb Lady Ga Ga Gabriella Cilmi is a “sex freak”.

This statement puzzled me for a while. Partly because there seems to be very little information about why she said this, except for the fact that they allegedly fell out at an awards ceremony last year, and partly because it isn’t a very concise criticism/insult.

Sex freak?

Does Ga Ga mean she is “a freak in bed”.

Perhaps a bit odd, maybe kiny.

Hey, maybe celebate.

But then it struck me that given that I am unlikely ever to ask either of them exactly what’s going on to fuel this apparent feud I will probably never know. And not know is not going to affect my life adversely.

That said my current theory on this is that to Ga Ga most people look like freaks as they don’t feel the need to wear the contents of a skip when they appear in public.