Fucking Your Way To Fitness

By | April 21, 2010

Two Girl Dildo ActionEnergetic sex can burn off 385 calories in an hour (for a 200lb adult), to be honest I would have though more but not many make it to the hour I should imagine.  That would involve a lot of stamina and control on the male’s part.

Having just started back and gym I’m all for keeping fit be it in the bedroom or anywhere else for that matter but blending sex and exercise intrigues me.

I found this device on the Internet, it’s called the Guy Master and it combines a thigh toning regime with sexual pleasure.  The concept behind this toy/exerciser is that you place it between your legs and squeeze which moves the dildo 4” towards you, combining cyber fucking with exercise.

I’m afraid I remain to be convinced that this contraption could be anything other than a curiosity.  Has anyone tried it out?