Getting Nasty At The Gym

By | April 21, 2010

PunchI haven’t been to the gym since last week because both Alex and I have been suffering with cold symptoms and a wheezy chest.  And I’m not even going to describe the stuff I have been coughing up these past few days.  Sorry!

Not having been for a few days and the infection on my chest meant I was dreading going in a way but I pushed myself in to it.  I managed, just, to do my session on the rowing machine.  Then I did my sets on the weights before wandering over to the cycles.

The first was occupied by a woman who turned to check me out as I approached her.  For a moment my heart stopped and I held back my initial urge to enter in to an angry exchange with her.  I’m normally a controlled person but she makes my blood boil.

Sorry, I haven’t explained why have I.  A few years ago they moved in next to us and they made their presence felt from the day they did.  And when she gave birth to their son things got much worse.  For a while he was like a normal child, crying in the night like all babies do.  But the problem was he didn’t grow out of it, he was now an infant and waking up screaming in the night.

Despite raising our concerns after six months of this nocturnal howling, and explaining how this was waking us in the night, and then having to get up for work, they insisted on keeping in the room next to ours.  Despite having two other empty rooms bedrooms which they could have moved the child into. I can’t begin to tell you just how crazy sleep depravation makes you but I was practically pulling my hair out with despair.

Then one day I arrived home from work to see the removal van on their driveway and I was elated.  Despite my pent up feelings I kept my head, sat on the bike next to her and peddled away.  After about 5 minutes she alighted her bike and disappeared.

I can tell you that anger help to fuel my passion to give my body a really good workout, I turned anger in to energy and now sat here writing this I’m glad I did because I could have knocked her head off.  Lol