Sexual Attraction

By | April 22, 2010

Kenneth WilliamsI have just been checking out the top ten men that women shouldn’t but would have sex with.  It makes for interesting reading with Simon Cowell in first place winning 64% of the votes.

Looking through those nominated by women it occurred to me that the selection process seems to have been, taking in to account that James Cordon came in second place with 61% of the vote based on two different criteria.  This proves that there is more to a woman’s selection of a sexual partner than good looks.

Our choices seem to be based on two criteria, power and humour most of these guys fit in to one or both of those categories.  And I have to agree that I have a weakness for strong minded, humorous guys.

I suppose when you look at both traits do blur in to each other because humorous people have power, the power to make us all laugh.  Interesting thought and one which requires further thought…