Bringing In The New Year With A Bang

By | January 2, 2008, SuzeNo parties for us this year. In previous years we have either visited relatives or been invited to a party by friends. This year there were no invitations and we were quite happy to stay at home together on New Years Eve. I never thought I would find myself saying that, I was quite a party animal in my time…I still am. Lol

This year we decided to go to bed with a few bottles of red and watch some porn then the run up to the celebrations on the television. I felt very pampered laying in bed watching television, listening to fireworks exploding in the valley, whilst we were warm dry and a more than a little tipsy. 😉

I can’t remember exactly what I was watching now but it got a bit boring so I asked Alex to pass one of my latest toys for review. We have a box of them on Alex’s side of the bed, so should the occasion arise a toy can be taken from the box and tested.

Just picture the scene, Alex is laying beside me slowly wanking his cock and I’m indulging in a little toy testing next to him. Now, you couldn’t do that at a party…well, not the ones we seem to get invited to anyway. Lol The toy testing didn’t last for long, Alex just couldn’t keep his composure anymore. He placed my toy on my bedside drawers, rolled my over on to my tummy and parted my legs.

Then spank as his hand glanced across first my right buttock, swiftly followed by my right. “You bad girl, playing with yourself. I’m going to teach you a lesson”. Uhhhhmmm, I thought as I yelped and replied “Yes sir!”. Another swift blow hit my right cheek and then I felt him push his cock inside my already wet and stirred pussy.

I love it when he dominates me, something within me wants to relent but at the same time be stubborn and fight back. “You lay there and do as you’re told whilst I fuck you in to submission.” He took hold of my ponytail and pulled, encouraging me up on to all fours.

My ass was now pointing up in the air waiting for him to take it, still tingling from the contact he made with his hand. Again he parted my legs and moved in behind me. Then with a push against my pouting lips he slipped between them and entered me again. He felt comforting and warm, hard and filling.

He began to fuck me with long slow strokes at first and then he started to become quite forceful and I had to hold the bedhead for support to stop me banging in to it with my head. He continued his onslaught and I was quickly coming and asking him to fuck me harder. He obliged and was now ramming my cunt like a client with a whore.

I could feel my g-spot being massaged in submission and I reached around my ass cheeks to feel him moving in and out of me, his balls slapping at my cunt. I took a hold of his balls and gave them a quick tug and squeeze. “You dirty girl”, he managed to grunt out as he fucked me.

My buttocks felt firm and warm from the slapping and I traced my finger across my right one as I headed for the cleft between them. I placed my index finger between them and ran it over my asshole. It was slightly gaping as it tends to do when I am being screwed, so inviting.

Alex was now working in and out of me like a possessed man and he delivered another blow to my right ass cheek as I sucked on my right middle finger. “What are you doing?”, he said in a shaky voice of deep concentration. I giggled and ran my finger between my parted ass cheeks.

My fingers was soon over my gaping sphincter and I pushed it inside, there was very little resistance and I pushed deeper. I was now just beyond my first knuckle and could barely feel Alex through my colon wall. I pushed in further, there was still no resistance and my finger was in as far as it would go. The movement of Alex inside me was now clear to my touch, I was DP’ing myself and it felt so good. Gently I began to waggle my finger inside my ass, then I started to fuck it still with caution but enjoying every sensory moment.

This pushed Alex over the edge and he asked “Where do you want me to come?”. I was totally naked and I didn’t need to thing twice about it. “On my ass”, I demanded. I felt him quickly withdraw his cock and then the sensation of something being flicked on to my buttocks.

I started to rub my clit with my free hand, balancing myself on my shoulders, with head turned to one side on the bed. I could feel my ass pulsing as I worked my finger in and out of it. My clit was swollen and very, very sensitive. I waggled my clit from side to side…that’s all it took. I let out a warning cry and then came on my fingers.

“Don’t roll over”, Alex reminded me as I collapsed limply on the mattress with my ass still stuck up in the air.

He is so considerate. 😉