Snow Weather For Sex

By | January 3, 2008

AlexSuze.comI woke up this morning from a dream about a house with a draughty attic bedroom and a North wind blowing through the cracks around the window. Reality wasn’t much better with the temperature around freezing and a frost outside.

As I ran the engine to warm up the car and scraped the ice from the windows snow began to fall with an insistence that threatened a Dickensian scene before lunch. We’ll see, the snow has arrived earlier in the day than the weather man predicted and who’s to say it will not be heavier too? I could be snowed in tomorrow.

This sort of weather is great for snuggling up with your lover, but does have its drawbacks. Mainly that If you’re involved in any sort of naughtiness it has to take place in a warm room or under a heap of bedding. Nice in its own way but somewhat restrictive. There’s a thought is there an under-the-covers fetish? I mean with enough blankets the weight bearing down on you would restrain you, it could be seen as light bondage. Hmmm.

Throwing back the covers to engage in the full range of sexual gymnastics can leave you feeling a little chilly. What we’ve found is that having two quilts to hand is good, to allow us to move independently and still stay warm.

Goodness knows how we used to make love in cars when we first got together (which was Dec-Jan). Maybe the lust kept us warm, and we were a little younger then.