The Logistics Of A Lunchtime Fuck

By | January 3, 2008

AlexSuzeI was right to dread going in to work today after the long break. How boring can a day be! I didn’t even have the distraction of Busty, she was off for a further days holiday. But I’m looking forward to the New Year hug I will get when she returns, just like the one I got during the holidays when I popped over to see her and show Alex.

I really made a meal of the hugging, once on arrival, once inside and then again upon leaving. I was wrong we fit beautifully together and it was nice to feel her ample bosom crushing against mine when we embraced and the smell of her sweet but musky fragrance. 😉

Alex looked quite jealous when we disengaged but it was the first time they have met so we just need to create a reason for him to meet up with her again. Lol He is as eager as I was to feel her pressing up against his chest. The dirty sod…you wouldn’t catch me thinking like that. 🙂

When lunchtime finally came around I was more than ready for a break. How come more work comes in when you aren’t at work than when you are? I guess it is one of life’s little mysteries.

Anyway, I made my way off to the local greasy spoon for my usual sarnie and was disappointed to see the shutters down, they were closed. Bugger! I had to go to the garage further down the road.

They had nothing in except for a chicken and bacon pastie…yum! So I had that and a packet of crisps.

Whilst sitting in the car it occurred to me that I could possibly meet up with Alex at lunch for a quickie. I started to work through the possibility. Now how far away is he from me. And how long would it take at lunchtime to drive over…

The problem is I have no figures to work to because we have never met at during working hours. I think we may need to do a dry run, perhaps next week and see how long it takes. I suspect by the time he reaches me it will be time to pull his trousers back up but we’ll see. I don’t give up that easily. 😉