Do You Shag In The Woods

By | April 23, 2010

SuzeWhen the weather starts to improve we do enjoy a long walk in the woods to help us appreciate the natural beauty of the area in which we live. No, really that’s what we do. However when we have walked far enough to shield us from the eyes of other walker we can get a little naughty.

Just Suze me and the wildlife.

And when the undergrowth gets a little thicker I often can’t resist slipping my arm around Suze and pulling her close to me, feeling her boobs pressed against me and slipping my tongue into her mouth.

I feel myself becoming hard against her and grab her bottom. My hand drifted between us and I began to rub her pussy through her trousers.

“Someone might see us!” She’ll complain, pushing me away, so I usually stop.

Are we getting too sensible?