Fucking To Happiness

By | April 23, 2010

SuzeI think that what this country needs is to accept that in these increasingly austere times there is only one thing to do. Stay in and get jiggy. It’s great exercise, cheers you up and brings you together with your partner.

I’m not saying that you should stop going out altogether, but there’s so much you can do in the bedroom I’m sure you’d still be exploring new possibilities until well after the recession is over.

That is of course if the current trend towards the restrictions on sexual freedom don’t continue. I’m not talking about the witch hunt surrounding “extreme porn”, that useless piece of legislation that will prosecute citizens of the UK and leave the really sick bastards purveying horrible content from anonymous and untouchable overseas servers and file sharing networks immune. No, I’m talking about the potential in some quarters to get very sanctimonious and judgemental about all things sexual at times like these.

The sort of things I’m talking about are the reluctance of councils to allow adult shops and venues to open in their areas – which has more to do with moralistic judgements and trying to appeal to certain groups of voters than anything else. There are places where adult businesses shouldn’t be allowed but some councils are starting to take a New York style approach to the granting of licences and increasing yearly fees.

Then there’s the question of what is and isn’t acceptable in the mainstream media. Recent stupidity by some high profile celebrities means that there’s a nervous mood amongst TV execs and content is going to become bland because of it.

Anyway, back to my original point. Escapism can help cheer up the country and what better escapism than in private with your loved one doing the things that you both enjoy the most?