Getting Them Out For The Lads

By | April 26, 2010

Tia BrodieThe other day I wrote here about the absurd sensitivity of the BBC producers in making Louise Michin cover up her rather nice cleavage when she presented The One Show in the absence of Christine Bleakley.

Louise leaned towards the camera as she presented the show and gave us all a sneaky peek at her assets.  It wasn’t obscene and despite the show being aired at 7pm it wasn’t more than a glimpse of something you can quite readily see on most of Britain’s streets at the moment as we bask in the sunshine.

However someone at the BBC deemed that she should cover up.  Now this irked me at the time that I realised what they had made her do during the show but even more so after reading today’s press.

I just finished reading up about one of the contestants on Britain’s Got Talent.  I don’t watch the show but this lady made the headlines because she did her fire eating act wearing just a pair of knickers and a couple of pasties over her nipples, as you can see above.

Which beggars the question, “how come Tia Brodie can appear semi naked on a prime time television program and Louise Minchin had to cover up?”.  Something’s a miss somewhere.  Do ITV have more lax policies on “titillation”?.  Hmmm.