An Evening In With Gina Lynne Sex Doll From California Exotics

By | January 4, 2008

AlexSuze.comIt’s not every couple that invites another woman in to their bed but I just couldn’t say no to Gina. She is an infinite sex positions love doll who aims to please.

From the moment that Alex freed her from her box she was part of our lives. It was just like inviting another girl over to play. And I have to confess I was very excited about the prospect. 😉 If anyone would have suggested that I would be more than happy about Alex fucking a love doll a couple of years ago, I would have said a firm “NO”. But now it seems like a natural progression in our experimentation.

She has golden locks, scooped back in to a pony tail and has bent legs, so she can be knelt of the floor in front of you, or have her legs hanging over the bed when you fuck her pussy. She is very versatile and has three welcoming orifices. Her mouth has soft lips and teeth to welcome a hard cock without scraping.

Each entry has a noduled inner adding to the sensation when you fuck her. In addition to these features, she has a bullet that fits in the back of her head to increase the intensity of the blow job she can give. Now you don’t find that with just any girl. 😉

Wow, I must admit I am getting turned on again just thinking about this doll. This was truly a couples sexual experience as we took her to the bathroom to bathe her before use. Just like a real girl. I massaged the soap suds in to her pussy, fingering her as if she were real. The I worked my fingers in to her ass and lastly I pushed them inside her pouting mouth.

When she was clean we towelled her dry and took her off to our bedroom. Again just like a fellow playmate. 😉 Alex placed her on top of the bed between us and I couldn’t resist playing with her nipples, they have a very lifelike feel and she has rubber hands with painted nails and feet with cute little toes. You can tell I liked her can’t you…she wasn’t at all grotesque. I say that because the dolls I have seen in the past were justthat, dolls have now come on in leaps and bounds.

I just couldn’t stop playing with her nipples and had to try sucking and biting on one, it felt very much like a real one as I rolled it around on my tongue. Alex had started to play with his cock and was looking at me with that horny look of his, he was turned on by my interest in this girl.

He started to stroke his cock as he lay back on the bed watching me tease Gina’s nipples. This gave me an idea and I reached in to my bedside drawer and removed my clit teaser. I had Alex fimly gripped in my right hand, my clit teaser vibrating away on my clit in the other and I was sucking and licking Gina’s nipple.

Alex was soon hard in my hand and I moved the clit teaser around on my engorged nub, it was so hard and sensitive. I turned up the vibrations to max and it hit like a bolt out of the blue…I came whilst biting Gina’s nipple.

He has seen enough…Alex sprang to his feet and took the doll before him on it’s knees. “Suze, can you lube her up?”, he asked with a slight urgency. Fuck, his cock was pulsingly hard. 😉

I took the lube from his bedside drawer and applied an ample amount both around and inside Gina’s mouth. Alex tried to work his cock inside. He had a problem pushing it all the way inside, she is a tight girl! He started to fuck her and I must admit the sight from the bed of him silhouetted against the fading light outside was a sight to behold and I was as randy as hell.

He took her head in his hands and began to head fuck her. I put my fingers between my pussy lips, scooped up my cum and put them to my lips, viscous strands joined my fingers. There is nothing to compare with the sweet clean taste of my own body fluids, I love to taste myself.

“She is too tight”, he said withdrawing from her gaping mouth. “Try her pussy”, I demanded. I wanted to watch him fuck this virtual girl to orgasm and do you know I even thought about him blowing on her face, bukkake style. Yum…

He lay her over the edge of the bed and her knees bent nicely over the mattress, which is good and looks better than them just sticking straight out, legs akimbo. Lol I lubed up her pussy and pushed my fingers inside her, finding her “G-spot” and giving it a little rub, habit I suppose.

Alex pushed into her and began to fuck her cunt. I had the perfect opportunity to work those nipples again…I was drawn to them, what can I say. He started to fuck her and again he said that she was too tight and he had to withdraw.

I rolled her over on to her stomach…”Try fucking her ass”, I offered lubing her up for further play. Alex pushed inside and this time looked more comfortable. I couldn’t resist giving her a little tap on her bubble butt. He began to fuck her hard and I moved her jointed arm over to rest on his buttock. The other rather nice feature of this girl is that she has a shoulder joint which enables you to mover her arms to embrace you and with the lifelike hands it feels similar to having the weight of a hand upon you. Similarly, if you had a foot fetish she has very cute tootsies that you could suck whilst fucking her.

Laying there on the bed I was so aroused, it was like watching Alex anal fuck a blonde he brought home and I decided that I need to get out there and find a “third” for our relationship. 😉 He was now fucking her fast and furious and I could tell that it wouldn’t be long before Gina was full of his spunk.

A couple of thrusts say his face contort and his hips slow as he gently and slowly massaged his head inside her. I can say without a doubt that being a voyeur is so unbelievably arousing and unlike handheld products this was more like having another in our most private of rooms.

I like Gina and she is welcome to come round whenever she likes…;)

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