New Boots How About The Panties

By | January 5, 2008

AlexSuzeWell the return to work this week was quite painful despite the fact that it was only three working days. The salvation arrived on Thursday because Busty had an extra days holiday.

She turned up for work in a tight, fishtailed knee length skirt and clingy purple top. Oooh those boobs did look good in that. There I go again, I need to get back on track. Yes, so she was dressed in purple and black. I followed her line downwards below the skirt hem…she was wearing those naughty black fishnets again and the most kinky pair of black suede boots. 😉

They were knee high with a chrome stiletto heel and faux laced with a black ribbon which tied in a bow just under her knee. Does this girl know just what she is doing to me. I’m not sure if she caught my expression but I must have been sat in my office chair with my mouth gaping and most probably drooling too. Lol

I couldn’t stop myself from saying “I love those kinky boots” and very nearly finished with “they would look lovely either side of me while we enjoyed a double-ended dildo …”. Sometime I forget that I’m not speaking to you out there or Alex but to a work colleague. One which I would love to jump between the sheets with but I don’t want to frighten off.

She came over to my desk and gave me a big busty warm hug and wished me a Happy New Year…it would be even happier if she would just give me a sign that she is interested.

But I’m not giving up…Suze doesn’t give up that easily. 😉