Flicking Her Bean and Bashing Your Bishop

By | April 27, 2010

BJWhat is it some people have against masturbation? The myths that have grown up around it based on no evidence whatsoever have made people feel guilty about having a bit of fun for years, probably centuries.

Unless taken to extremes masturbation can be just one aspect of a healthy and fulfilling sex life. And I’m talking to men and women here.

For those of us who do enjoy masturbation within a relationship it’s easy to find a balance between the occasional bout of manual stimulation and the rest of our sexual gratification. When you are in a relationship of course masturbation doesn’t have to be a solo affair. In fact it’s more fun with your partner and even more so if they are the one who is doing it to you.

I’m not going to go into why there are some very weird and archaic attitudes towards self gratification, maybe later perhaps in another post, what I will say is this; Masturbation is fun and even if you just do it solo, with your own hand the occasional bit of self pleasure is not something to be guilty about.

Furthermore, there are so many aids available to make masturbation more pleasurable that investigating it can be a real voyage of discovery for you and anyone else who might want to join in with you. Women have their sex toys and now men have an increasing number of products which expand the masturbatory possibilities beyond the simple orgasm.

Masturbation creams like Stroke 29 allow you to masturbate as long as you like with less risk of injuring your precious palm pall – alright your cock. Until I’d tried them out I would not have believed how much fun they can be.

if you want to feel something other than your hand around your penis you can buy masturbators from the cheap and simple like the Monkey Spanker to the more expensive models like the Fleshlight Ice which I reviewed on Sex Toys Buzz recently.

And if you want to take male masturbation to its ultimate conclusion you can combine male sex toys with prostate stimulation using a toy like the Naught Boy prostate vibrator.

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