Early Morning Fucks And Consequences

By | January 5, 2008

AlexSuzeI don’t know why but this week has really knackered me and Alex up, even though it has been a three day week. It must be the tension of returning to work coupled with a change of routine.

Consequently last night we both fell asleep quite early whilst watching the television. I woke up at heaven knows what hour to find the television talking to itself and Alex fast on next to me. I turned it off, rolled on to my side to face Alex and drifted back to sleep.

The next thing I’m aware of is something warm parting my butt cheeks and pushing inside me. It’s the most wonderful way to awaken, with your partners cock entering you. Uhmmmm.

The early morning slow screw in the early morning darkness is magical. It seems to heighten your pleasure the fact that you have just woken from slumber and are both relaxed and responsive to sexual attentions.

As Alex plunged in to my depths, it was as if I could feel my pussy devour him inch by inch. When he was fully inside me I pushed back my buttocks against his groin to ensure I had every last bit of him in there.

He placed his right arm around me cupping my right breast. My nipple was immediately responsive to his touch, hardening and pulsing beneath his dextrous fingers. He gripped it firmly and gave it a playful tug. I moaned and pushed against his thrust.

The cat sat next to the bed observing quietly, waiting for his breakfast, his ears silhouetted against the bedroom wall. He could fuck off, there was no way either of us would be feeding him for a while.

Alex’s thrusts grew in speed and determination as he clung to my breast kneading it and rolling it under his palm. The cat had momentarily put me off…but not for long. I placed my right hand over my mons and parted my pussy lips with my middle finger.

I observed that I was ready for a trim, now a little stubbly but very moist. 😉 Alex’s cock was now rubbing against my g-spot as I bent my back to facilitate my hands playful need. My clit was already plump and sensitised as I began to spread my pussy juiced over it.

That’s all it took, I began to rub my clit gently as my orgasm charged through my lower body. Electric pulses of ecstasy preceded wet fingers. I had come all over them. Alex continued to grin in to me from behind, his right hand now on my hip for better purchase and movement.

My finger was now working it’s magic on my clit, rubbing it from side to side and then up and down…chasing that illusive clitoral orgasm. Then the tell tale electric pulses running down my spine and into my pelvic girdle, the tingle in my toes and fingers. My back arched and I twitched as I came again, this time from my clitoral ministrations.

“Oh, fuck Suzzzzeee”, Alex moaned as he thrust his seed in to me…again and again. Hips meeting buttock in an orgasmic collision. Finally he came to rest inside me, spent and breathing heavily in to my right ear. His hot breath searing my ear lobe.

I checked the clock and there was not time to waste. “Quick, we need to get off”, I exclaimed jumping out of bed and heading for the bathroom. We both washed thoroughly and got dressed for work.

After a quick slice of toast it was off to the bathroom to wash, brush my teeth and apply a little makeup. It wasn’t very warm today and I pulled on a pair of black trousers and a grey jumper and headed downstairs.

Alex was on his way out and gave me a quick kiss then disappeared out the door. I pulled on my ankle boots and was just about to leave when I remembered that I hadn’t bunged up my fanny.

It’s all very well washing your pussy and pulling on a fresh pair of panties but there is a certain amount of post coital dripping which needs to be dealt with. I ran in to the bathroom, unzipped my trousers, folded several sheets of toilet tissue then placed them in the gusset of my panties. Right, I was finally ready to go.

The drive in was very fast, so little traffic on the road this week. I wish it was like it every day.

At work the morning was quite uneventful, people still off on holiday. About mid morning I was sitting at my pc keying in when I noticed something white in the corner of my right eye. Bugger! It was only the tissue out of my panties.

It must have slipped out and fell down my trouser leg when I was moving around earlier. Possibly when I made the tea, ten minutes before. I wasn’t sure if anyone had noticed so I calmly (but panicing inside) got out of my seat and made for the sticky bundle.

I managed to pick it up without any recognition from my colleagues thankfully. Phew! It would not have been an easy one to explain…