Amanda Holden Ride Him Cowgirl!

By | April 29, 2010

Amanda HoldenAmusingly I wrote this piece earlier today and then while browsing the magic T’internet  later on found this story on the Metro.

I’ve got two things to say about this. First, if you read my earlier piece you’ll realise how it underlines how to play the media and raise your profile using risqué sex without having a huge fall from grace. Second, been there, done that, but was the one wearing cowboy boots and stood naked in the middle of a field …

This is a brilliant piece of PR for Amanda Holden. On the one hand she is portrayed as a game girl with a devlish, fun streak who will get jiggy in the open air in slightly kinky gear. On the other hand she married the bloke, so it wasn’t “casual”. It wasn’t too kinky as she was out in the boots anyway, it’s not like she turned up wearing pink boots PVC bra and hot pants … hold that thought. They were in the woods too, so it’s kind of “back to nature” and they weren’t about to be spotted, apart from by inquisitive squirrels.

The cynic in me asks if this story is true are not. The rest of me wants it to be. Not so I can imagine Amanda Holden having sex in cowboy boots, but to prove that you can be in the public eye and have naughty sex.