Hymen What’s One Of Those Then

By | January 7, 2008

AlexSuzeI didn’t really know much about sex when I was younger. School provided us with, lets say the scary consequences of sex and none of the good stuff as I recall. I think it was designed to put you off the idea, especially the mention of it hurting sometimes.

My mother, bless her, gave me a birds and the bees type of talk which I recall to this day which made me a little embarrassed and giggly, I bet she felt the same.

And then there was the playground gossip which was always ill informed and tailored to suit the teller.

All very confusing and frightening for a pre-pubscent girl, especially the bit about it hurting like crazy when your hymen broke. Yes, sex education back then was aimed at the young married woman who wanted to have children but no enjoyment from the physical act or the intimacy shared with ones lover.

I’m sure it is done a lot better these days or should I say “I hope it is”.

And after all those years of speculation and advice from knowledgeable girls who claimed to have done it already. I never gave much thought to inserting that first tampon inside me when I got totally fed up with having to wear towels in my panties. They were so troublesome and annoying, they stuck to anything and everything then although I know now they are designed far better, in fact haven’t Boeing been involved at some point. Lol

So, it turns out after all the worry about it hurting when my hymen broke…I like many young ladies had mine broken by a sanitary product. And further more I didn’t even give it a thought as I pushed it in there, I just wanted to be able to swim in the hotel pool with leaving a slipstream behind me. 🙂

Sometimes I wonder why I worried so much about things but I suppose it is all part and parcel of growing up and the right of passage.

Thank God I don’t have to do it all again!