12 Months Of Sex

By | May 3, 2010

Fem DomLast month saw us reach our 5th anniversary here at AlexSuze, it still stops me in my tracks to think that we have been sharing our naughty exploits with you all for that long.

To mark the occasion we launched a competition which we are continuing throughout this month too, to give you all a chance to enter.

The prize for the winner is a sex toy every month for a whole year!  Now that is a prize worth winning.  Our sponsor Bedtime Heaven will despatch your toy every month free of charge, all you need to do is stock up on lube.  Lol

Simply click the link for our 5th Birthday competition over there on the left sidebar or just here.  Good luck!

We are gradually making our way through the responses we have already received and I will attempt to answer the question we received below from one of our avid readers who I will refer to as J.

J asks:

Now to my question (for your intriguing contest and my insatiable curiosity)…

Tell us about your spanking life. Do you use spanking for foreplay and spice (like my boyfriend & I do)?

For me personally I find spanking is an accompaniment to sexual intercourse.  It feels good when Alex glances his hands across my buttocks when he is fucking me from behind.  He enjoys looking down at my firm buttocks and spanking with a firm but gentle hand.

Do you use role-play? Any favorite scenarios? (Ours is definately strict professor and errant student.)

I’m a bit of a switch.  I enjoy taking control and spanking Alex from time to time.  He enjoys the touch of a firmer hand and some toys which I will cover in one of your questions later.  For Alex being spanked is also a sensory experience which few of us share because he is a synaesthete.  For him his synaesthesia presents itself to him as not just feeling emotions and sensations but also seeing them in colours.

It’s a bit of a mind trip for me to get my head around and I would love experience it for myself but I make do with asking him if he saw colours and what they looked like.

Do you use implements, or just Alex’s palm? (Although I love to be spanked, I also crave harsher treatment. I’ve been known to cum while being strapped with a thick, leather razor strap, when I scissor my thighs together. And that academic scenario usually escalates to a dose of the cane. It hurts terribly at the time, but makes me incredibly horny for days afterward.) I’ve given you a glimpse into my sex life, share this aspect of yours, please.

I enjoy the hand contact on my buttocks but sometimes we use a leather tabbed crop which also has a vibrating bullet mounted in the handle.  It feels great as the crop is slowly drawn across my naked flesh and the vibrations tickle, a prelude to the stinging blow it can deliver if required.  For the most I prefer a firm but not too forceful tap, again whilst Alex is inside me.

As for Alex he likes me to bit a bit firmer with him.  I start by delivering quick, sharp thwacks to each cheek in turn and gradually build up the force.  This makes him really aroused and he reciprocates with guttural moans which drive me on.  This makes me feel powerful, in control and ultimately aroused.

Taking control is a real turn on for me, I’m sure I must have been a dominatrix in a past life.  😉  J thanks for those interesting and insightful questions, I hope you enjoy the response.  x