Shaved Or Not You Decide

By | January 8, 2008

AlexSuzeWe were in bed last night and were rather amused to watch Adrian Chiles (pictured), presenter of The One Show sporting some designer stubble. Well OK, we hadn’t shaved for a couple of days as part of the comedy opening title scene. The presenters asked viewers to send in their views via email about if he should grow a beard or shave it off.

It does raise an important question.

Ladies, do you prefer your men with or without facial hair?

Personally I’m happy that Suze likes me clean-shaven, upstairs and downstairs as it were. LOL. I have said before that it’s so long since I had more than two week’s growth of pubic hair that I can’t remember what it’s like. As for facial hair I tend to have difficulty growing a beard it takes forever and doesn’t look very impressive.

To me beards are a lot of trouble. And yet I can see why facial hair on some men suits them. Take Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, or George Clooney, or Andrea Bocelli, they just wouldn’t be the same without the fuzz.

Attitudes toward facial hair is something that changes over time. My father has, in his time sported a beard, yet I haven’t. His father was never anything but clean shaven. And yet a few generations back in the Edwardian and Victorian eras beards were so bushy you could have a blackbird nesting inside and never notice.

And no, we never found out if Christine Bleakley (Adrian’s co-presenter) has any stubbly bits 😉

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