Sexual Voyeurism In Me

By | May 4, 2010

SwingersI just read a letter in one of the Sunday papers, it was the News Of The World to be precise.  After reading the letter from a girl who had just experienced what it is like to be a voyeur.  In short she had happened upon her housemate having sex with a guy and enjoyed watching them, even had thoughts about joining in.

She had enjoyed the experience so much she went back to her room and masturbated whilst thinking about it and has since too.

It made me question how I would feel about happening upon a couple engaged in the act.  I know I watch porn and review it on a regular basis but for me that is a totally different thing.  Actually seeing the scene being acted out by a couple of people you many know is more of a turn on for me.  It’s probably because in a way it is forbidden gratification, it’s naughty by its own definition.

I don’t think you can achieve that kind of stimulation from watching a pornographic movie.  The scenes are staged and the people in them are professionals.

Hmmm.  So what about swinging?  I asked myself and had to sit and mull the idea through because I have never participated in swinging to know.  Again, I can only assume because everyone is consenting that it wouldn’t feel the same.  They are all there to openly share and after all voyeurism is about that sneaky little look you enjoy without them knowing.

What do you think, do any of you swing to give me the low down?