By The Light Of The Silvery Tube

By | November 7, 2006

Apologies if I didn’t get round to visiting your blogs this weekend but Alex took a long one with me and we had lots and lots to do.  I can’t fill you in on the details yet but I will.  I will try and catch up with everyone today.  It’s going to be a long one!  🙂

Last night we both settled down in to bed early to watch “Saw”.  If you haven’t seen this one yet I urge you take a look at it.  It is very good edge of the seat stuff with lots of gore but I felt the ending let it down a bit.  But take a look and let me know what you think.

So there we were lying in bed with just the light from the television illuminating the room.  There must be something about watching horror that makes me want to reach out and grab something to hold on to.  Lol.  Ok, I had my hand on Alex’s groin as we lay side by side.

Despite the visuals playing before us he was responding in a very positive way to my playing with his cock.  I started off by gently rolling it against his belly and running my fingers down between his legs, pressing firmly against his perineum.  I didn’t need to ask if I was hitting the right spot.  His hip movement gave that right away.

We continued to watch the movie and he continued to grow in my hands.  When he became firm I made the “O” shape with my thumb and middle finger and began to work his foreskin gently back and forth over his glans.  This grip is ideal for stimulating the frenulum at the same time with your index finger.  As I push back the foreskin I rub my moistened finger against his frenulum.  Alex released a moan, I knew my ministrations were having the desired effect.  😉

Pre cum began to dribble from is tip, I picked it up with my finger and spread it around his swollen head.  I pushed his skin back again, this time lubricating his erection with his own seminal fluid.  The blood caused through him and he was so hard I wondered if he would burst.

Have you ever enjoyed something but wished it would finish so that you could do something else?  That’s how I started to feel about the film, I knew it was close to finishing but I wanted to finish something of my own.  😉  My pussy was swollen and I wanted to feel Alex penetrate me, take me.

I continued to give Alex a slow, lets keep it hard wank.  Just enough to keep him hard but not too much as to push him over the edge and beyond the point of no return.  My willing the movie to finish worked, not to say that I didn’t enjoy it because I did but I don’t like things getting in the way of my carnal pleasures.  😀

Alex rolled over and took me in his arms as the credits began to roll and we kissed with passion.  He nearly bit my lip in the heat of the moment.  I always knew a way to a man’s heart was through his cock.  Lol.  We explored each other’s mouths with our tongues as he pushed his groin against mine and my tits flattened against his chest.

As we separated and drew breath the room fell in to total darkness.  The film had come to an end.  Alex and I have always pursued our pleasures of the flesh in light, be it bulb, candle or another source.  Being in total darkness was both alien and a completely new sensory experience.  I couldn’t recall the last time we had fucked in the dark.

My senses seemed to be finely honed and each fingertip on my body made my hairs stand on end, my skin break in to goose bumps.  Alex continued to trace his fingers over my stomach digitally conducting my senses with each stroke.   

“Get up on to your knees”, he demanded.  And who was I to say no?  I wanted to feel his hard flesh ripping in to me.  I assumed the position, ass in the air.  He nuzzled up to me and pushed his erection between my now, very slippery pussy lips.  I could feel my muscles stretch as he entered me.  His cock head pushing inwards, the edge of his helmet pushing against my vaginal walls.

Every feeling seemed to heightened and sensitised.   He push in deeper.  Until he go no further and then slowly, very slowly he pulled out until just the tip was nestling in between my engorged lips.  In he pushed again, every receptor within my vagina fired on touch as he passed over them.  I can only compare this total awareness to being a virgin once more.  Feeling that first hard cock enter my virginal hole.

Alex began to pound in to me like some kind of wild animal.  My ass cheeks slapping against his groin.  Trying my hardest not to be knocked over with the force.  My legs almost gave way a couple of times as he slammed it home.  I think at one point my head made contact with the headboard but my orgasms came one after the other.

My legs were shaking and I felt as if I was tripping on some magical hallucinogenic as my body seemed to convulse in time with the waves of orgasm as they gripped and enraptured my body.  I am not a synaesthete unlike Alex but I almost felt like I could sense the colour of my orgasms as they hit.

Finally Alex could hold out no longer and he pulled out of me and let his seed spill on to my buttocks and lower back.  I reached round gathered some of his cum on my fingertips and placed them in my mouth, just before he collapsed, spent on top of me.  Taste the final sensory pleasure.

I am an advocate for sex with the light on but as we discovered it’s nice to do it in the dark every now and then.  😉