Flash Agghhh, Agghhh

By | January 9, 2008

AlexSuzeYesterday was the day of the boring monthly meeting. Three hours of bla, bla, bla, the only reprieve being the guy who holds them. He travels up from our southern office to do them every month and despite the content being boring, he brightens our days, he is a hunk.

Tall, dark, handsome and if that wasn’t enough he is also very athletic too. Oh and I nearly forgot he has a wonderful refined London accent, very gentlemanly.

We girls have to participate and give a small informal presentation as part of the meeting, which although informal I’m not very keen on doing. To be honest I haven’t managed to achieve my pre Christmas goals yet so a bit of fanneling was required.

Projectors, screens and other implements/instruments (which one is correct?) of boredom were set up in our office for the meeting to take place and then before everything kicked off he went upstairs. We all chatted amongst ourselves waiting upon his return.

And when he did what an entrance he made. He opened the door and it caught my eye straight away. I don’t miss much, having a keen eye for detail. He had come back in to the office with his flies undone. Out of his unzipped trousers poked his shirt.

It was a strange situation, I was on the front row of chairs organised for the presentation. I was in the very strange situation of wanting to let him know but not wanting to embarrass him or myself (would I have been embarrassed…perhaps not! Lol) by telling him but at the same time I had a strong urge to let him know.

Thankfully one of the guys sat with me on the front row gestured to him and in a momentary slight of hand, he was safely secured inside his trousers.

I spent the rest of the day wondering if he was packing something desirable… 😉