Watersports Anyone?

By | May 4, 2010

FountainI had an old work colleague over for lunch today.  It’s probably around 4 years since I last saw her and she looked great, although she had baggage just like the rest of us.  In fact I became a little concerned that she had substituted weight loss control for lack of life control.  Just a little too pre occupied with calories, given that she had reduced her weight by around 6 stones already.

But all things aside we had a really good afternoon with each other, catching up on gossip and things in general.  Following the low calorie lunch we sat and watched some vintage television, an old comedy sketch show from 5 years ago.

One of the scenes mentioned “water sports” and my friend howled with laughter.  I joined in without a thought and then it hit me slap bang in my back.  Should I have enjoyed that sketch so much?  Did we ought to just check that we both understood the meaning of the last routine?  Or should we ponder what each other’s interpretation was?

It was a really strange moment, I say moment because that is what it was, but it held so many questions, for me anyway.

I came so close to revealing my online identity to one of my close friends today.  In a way I feel like I have deceived her in some way by not coming clean about what I do.  But I can’t, it’s far too graphic and personal for that.

What do you think?