Bizarre Fetishes?

By | January 9, 2008

AlexSuze.comIt may be a question of semantics to some, but to others the use of the wrong term to describe a place, thing, person or activity can be irritating, embarrassing or even offensive. It’s more likely to be the case if what you’re trying to describe is very personal to someone.

Take homosexuality. Gay or straight seems acceptable enough to most people, but what about other terms? Bender, poof, queen, dyke? For many these terms (and some of the more obviously hostile ones) are pejorative and carry various baggage which means their use is avoided by many people. It makes it difficult to know what phrases to use without becoming painfully politically correct and becoming self-conscious about something that you are totally accepting of.

To make matters more complex members of a particular group may use a term about themselves, but be offended if someone outside the group uses it to refer to them. Again this is because some words have historically been used in a negative sense against certain social, religious, ethnic or sexually orientated groups within our society.

The title of this post is the phrase that got me thinking about this today. It’s a genre heading you often see on porn sites. Is the word “bizarre” not in itself derisory of the practice lurking behind the link? Bizarre can indicate something to be gawked at, sniggered about or regarded as degenerate in some way. Who makes that judgement?

I was mooching around last night on You Tube and found this video. What struck me was not the content itself but the small minded comments attached to it. The subject of the video has obviously got an inflatable fetish, Suze has written about this before and had a great contribution from and inflatable enthusiast to her series “The Journey”.

My rules of acceptability with regard to any human activity is that if all involved are able to give informed consent and nobody is harmed by the activity, then it’s fine by me. It’s the BDSM credo of safe, sane and consentual. Others, apparently, are not so accepting.

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