Have You Got Anything More Pornographic?

By | January 10, 2008

AlexSuze.comFollowing on from my post yesterday about semantics in the adult world. Who defines what is more or less pornographic?

Culturally I think it’s a difficult problem, even within western Europe, what is considered normal and erotic in one country or culture may be considered extremely pornographic or even deviant in another. Pornography is probably the wrong word, because in it’s literal form derives from the Greek, almost literally “a place to record prostitutes”.

Let’s face it, much of the material which is deemed pornographic on the Internet can be graded in terms of extremity. That is, I believe there is a scale from the erotic through what can be widely regarded as generally pornographic to the extreme imagery and ideas depicted on some sites.

While I find (good) erotica and (good) pornography arousing, what tends to be termed “extreme” constant leaves me rather cold and leaves me to realising that while it’s possible to be accepting that everyone’s sexual preference is different that doesn’t mean you can always understand what excites them.

In some cultures oral sex is still taboo. In many anal sex is considered a step too far on moral and religious grounds. Not surprising as morals tend to be founded on cultural beliefs that have their roots firmly in religions developed over millennia even if a society is now ostensibly secular in nature.

BDSM is often the target of criticism, and in this country potentially punitive legislation, because of its perceived extremes. However this is mainly due to the portrayal of BSDSM by a small number of sites, mainly commercial entities who miss the underlying depth and complexities of BDSM and choose to depict BDSM in simplistic and misleading was. This leads to the mistaken belief that BDSM is an expression of oppression rather than power exchange and the subtle interplay of the psyche of those involved.

Erotica exercises the whole sexual being, pornography the animal, but which part of the mind the most extreme forms of pornography stimulate can be a mystery to most people.