Filthy Sex Videos And Stand-Up Stars

By | May 7, 2010

Soapy TitsIt never occurred to me before this afternoon but there is a word that I do not know the origin of. Well, to be more precise I do not know the origin of its usage in one particular context.

The word is blue.

This may be a British thing but when we refer to something as “blue” it can mean it’s rude, risqué or crude. In reference to jokes, naughty photos and pornography it’s been used for decades. I was even reminded last week of the “Electric Blue” series of soft Core porn that used to inhabit the shelves of the local video store … yes when people rented VHS and Beta tapes.

I’ll have to look into the entomology of the word and its popular usage in this context.

Unless of course any of you have any ideas as to its origin?