Auto Fellatio

By | January 9, 2008 that isn’t getting a blow-job while driving)

Some things never change, I’m always daydreaming and today I was thining about auto fellatio, again …

Things were a little slow at work today and my mind began to drift towards thinking about, yes you’ve guessed it, SEX. At the moment I am intrigued by male auto fellatio, I had never come across it before, if you will pardon the pun. But I was hunting out interesting matter on the Internet the other day when I came across a Blog site with this particular activity featured on it.

The very idea of a guy putting his legs over his shoulders and taking his own hard cock in to his mouth has really excited me. Not only is this an amazing feat of flexibility but a very erotic sight. It appears that this can be achieved in one of two ways, either placing your hands on the back of your calves and pulling your head down towards your groin. Or by taking your legs up over your head and pulling your groin close in to your head.

I have discovered a good site for those of you who haven’t seen this contortionism practiced before and wish to be enlightened, go to It’s simply amazing how this guy manages to get in to these positions. But I suppose where there is a will there is a way. Also, it helps if you have a long dick to push in to your mouth. There is also useful advice on technique available on. Do Be careful with your backs.

It is said that there are many benefits from sucking your own cock, you are best able to control the situation being both giver and taker. The speed and intensity can immediately be adapted as you respond to your own needs.

I can’t imagine the added bonus of being able to suck yourself off and then swallow your own cum, that’s simply mind blowing. I wish I could do that, though this would involve some very complex surgery. Is there an equivalent practice for the ladies, you would have to be super-supple to be able to lick your pussy out. Can this be achieved via practicing Yoga? If so count me in.

There are some interesting masturbation stories and techniques on if you are now interested in some self-love. I know that I am. I’m currently typing single handed whilst rubbing my very wet crotch.