Have You Got Anything More Pornographic? 2

By | January 10, 2008

AlexSuze.comI remember those words coming out of my mouth some years ago.

Alex’s post earlier about the illicit trade of naughty videos brought back this distant memory, it was so long ago but I recall events so clearly. It was before I met Alex, when I was with a long standing boyfriend.

I’ve always had a keen interest in porn, right from the time I found an old dirty black and white porn mag ( if you could call it that, it was tame by todays standards). I read my mothers dirty books including Xavier Hollander and Deep Throat and enjoyed them so much that my reading came on in leaps and bounds. Lol

So when I was old enough to purchase my own porn I jumped at the chance. My boyfriend at the time was very open minded and I would quite often go in to the local Newsagents shop and purchase a top shelf publication for us to flick through in the bedroom later. 😉

I had seen a couple of porn videos, yes I did say videos. Which my father had hidden in his bedroom drawers. They were quite explicit for the time and I recall wanting to see more having seen them repeatedly when he was out. And being very careful to rewind them to the point I picked up my viewing from.

But it was so exciting actually going in to the Adult shop in our local town and selecting my first porn videos. I think I actually bought two the first time I visited, perhaps because I felt a little shy and wanting to escape as quickly as possible I just grabbed a couple, hoping at least one of them would be good. 😉

I recall driving back home, showing them to my boyfriend and eagerly pushing the first one inside the VCR. We watched in eager anticipation as the story began to unfold. Jesus, those storylines were piss poor back then. Lol

Well we watched patiently waiting for the fist nude scene and the fucking to start…we couldn’t believe it…each time the action hotted up the camera focused on anything but the very subject matter we wanted to see. No penetration just visuals of faces and jiggling boobs.

I remember being extremely disappointed. We ejected the video and inserted the other one, in the vain hope that the first film had not been a good choice. It was exactly the same, scenes cut and no action shots.

The films left me rather frustrated, I hoped that I would be able to see everything only to be let down.

I was so annoyed I decided to take them back. Whilst my boyfriend was finding a parking space I entered the shop, walked up to the counter and told the guy behind the desk that the videos I had bought were no good. You couldn’t see anything.

He took them from me and suggested that I try a couple from a new range they had just got in. I left with them, taking his advice.

We put them in the VCR and sat watching and waiting for the fucking to start. I was incensed this time, same again…nothing to be seen. The shop was shut by the time we had checked the second batch out so we had to wait until the following day.

By now I had lost my shyness and was ready to demand something stronger from the guy in the shop.

AlexSuze.comI managed to see the same guy I replaced the videos with the day before. He hummed and ahed for a while explaining that you just couldn’t buy what I was looking to purchase from the store.

Just as I was about to leave he said that he knew a guy who could get stronger stuff and he quickly jotted his name and telephone number down on the corner of his newspaper and tore it off to give me.

I called the number and made arrangements to meet the guy in a car park on the outskirts of the city. How dodgy was that! My boyfriend was with me but it could have been a mad axe murderer we were meeting for all I knew. My bloke though it would be less threatening if I met up with the guy. So I did.

He gave me two videos and I handed over the cash, I can’t remember how much he charged now but I don’t think it was too much.

Again we took them home and turned on the VCR. This time we got exactly what we wanted. Lots of close up action and very, very dirty scenes.

I think I met up with the guy several times after and built up quite a collection of illegal porn. Things are so much easier these days, R18 is readily sold in Adult stores and there is so much choice…not like back then. It makes me smile to think about it. 🙂

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