How Far Will You Go?

By | January 11, 2008

AlexSuze.comHow comfortable are you with your partner? Do you feel comfortable letting the odd fart escape your ass cheeks? Does burping make you blush?

My colleague at work is still being very careful where she lets one rip. She has now been with her guy for about 5 months and she is still too embarrassed to fart in his company, preferring to run off to a different room and surreptitiously bottom burp. Lol

She was telling me the other day that over the Christmas period she has eaten too much rich food and consumed lots of wine which all conspired to her feeling bloated and full of gas. And rather than being honest about it she kept on running off at inopportune moments to relieve herself.

And please don’t mention going for a poo. This could only be done when she had sent her boyfriend out on a shopping trip or some other wild goose chase.

The thing which made me laugh was when I asked her what he did when he needed to fart was her response, “he just lets one go there and then, no shame in him at all”. 🙂

This scenario made me both laugh and think. When is it acceptable to fart and burp in front of your other half? Is five months long enough for you to be open and honest enough with each other to accept these are perfectly natural human functions.

Or is it that case that “ladies don’t do those kinds of things”.

I know it is nice when a relationship is new not to spoil the air of mystery which surrounds you and your partner. However, believing that someone doesn’t fart is stretching the imagination a little too much.

What the hell does she do when she is menstruating, does she banish him back to his own flat?

When Alex and I were new we were both very careful not to show our rough edges it’s natural to let your loved one see you in a perfect light. But after a while it is just not possible to keep up the pretence and farts have to be released when and where they need an outlet, before you explode.

These days we laugh like school children if one of us farts and Alex has even been known to hold my head under the bedsheets when he drops one. Isn’t love wonderful?

I feel that we can be open and honest and it feels good, whereas my colleague cannot feel totally at ease with her boyfriend and likes him not to stay a couple of days a week so that she can do things he doesn’t know she does…

…naughty! Like self tanning. Lol