Sexy Kinky PVC

By | May 11, 2010

Black Fetish DressI don’t know quite how far back this goes but I love the smell of leather and to my knowledge always have. It conjures up illicit thoughts in my head just to smell it. Even if I am in a totally non-sexual environment like a shoe shop it has a power over me. Makes me moist.

When I visit the local sex shop I always take a quick look through the BDSM goodies just to feel it run through my hands as I play with the whips and paddles.

And lately a close second for me in terms of visual appeal is latex and rubber. You will quite often find me browsing fetish galleries for images of women adorned in the figure hugging sensual material.

I love the way that it hugs the body without interruption, every curve and smooth, shiny accentuated. But for me it only really has a magic appeal on the female form as an item of clothing.

The image above encapsulates everything I love about latex and if you like what you see I found this image at Westward Bound a very reasonably priced couture house with hundreds of naughty things to wear.

Go on treat yourself. I may come over and shine you up. 😉