How To Screw Around

By | May 11, 2010

StilettoScrewing around is something that everyone must have considered at some point in their life. How long you consider it and whether you take it further than the initial idea will depend on a number of factors, not least the state of your current relationship.

To want to cheat on your partner has to indicate that you either aren’t entirely compatible, or matched in your needs inside and outside the bedroom, or you have an insatiable propensity to stray. I’m not saying that either of these situations says anything bad about those in the relationship as people, but I do think that people ought to be honest about themselves and their relationships with others.

I can be honest and say that I’ve never felt the urge to actually cheat on Suze. Well, not further than commenting that I fancy so-and-so, which usually results in Suze getting mock-indignant at me. Though I do sometimes feel the urge to mess around with someone else with Suze. That would be far more fun. We aren’t swingers. I couldn’t, even with Suze’s knowledge, screw someone else without her there and then tell her all about it. I’d feel she’s missed out. No I’m not trying to paint myself as some form of saint here, I just don’t work like that.

So what brought on the last three paragraphs?

Well, I was leafing through a magazine and found an ad for a British site that offers to set you up with others looking to cheat on their partners. I’m not having a go at it, but it is the sort of site that I can never see myself even considering using.

No moral judgements here. If all you’re after is string-free sex then go for a nice escort. That way you’re guaranteed the maximum emotional detachment.

Alternatively if you want a real affair do it with someone you actually know. That way you can have something more than sex.

To hook up with someone you’ve only chatted to on the Web/telephone is surely the emptiest form of interaction there can be. Or is that just me?