Sexual Indulgences

By | January 12, 2008

AlexSuze, Suze in fishnet stockingsLooking back now the Christmas holiday seems a very long way away. It also slipped by without us really indulging in the way we did the previous Christmas.

Christmas 2006 was good, because despite the merry-go-round of trips to the family and various errands we managed to spend a whole day in bed doing naughty things. Christmas 2007 seemed more hectic. Family and other commitments meant we hardly stopped moving, so a day in bed never materialised.

Not that we ever really spent a full day in bed in ’06 but when the majority of twenty four hours is spent naked, indulging in pleasures of the flesh an hour outside, mixing with other people seems really naughty in itself. You know that you’ve been fucking until you can fuck no more and the hour in the company of others is exciting in itself as you take a breather, exchange knowing looks and look forward to slipping between the sheets again.

Christmas ’07 was fun, but somehow hurried.

I’m reminded of the first time we slept together in a bed. It wasn’t in either of our respective dwellings of the time but in a hotel room. Circumstances prevented us from having any real privacy where we were both living and a night of unfettered sexual fun and games was out of the question.

I had to hire a room so we could enjoy ourselves without bumping into housemates when needing the toilets or using the shower.

Suze wore a black dress with the classic basque, stockings and suspenders underneath. So undressing her was great fun. After fucking a couple of times we went out for something to eat from a takeaway, I’d blown the budget on the room and eating at the city-centre hotel’s restaurant was impossible. Suze went out in her long coat, buttoned up to the top, basque and stocking, no dress, no knickers.

Knowing she was in such a state of undress under her coat had me sooo excited while we were in the takeaway that I had trouble walking with my erection. I had a gloriously sticky leg when I got back to the room from the pre cum oozing from my cock.

Happy days.