Let Me Have A Squeeze Of Those

By | January 12, 2008
Victor Big Brother CelebrityHijacked
I have never been a girl who gravitated towards the muscular male. Perhaps it’s because I subconsciously associate them with spending a lot of time on…well…themselves. Which means that you may have a problem getting in the bathroom in a morning or even worse they may spend hours flexing and posturing in front of you. And then expecting you to ask if you can give them a squeeze. :)This may be the reason I have never gone for the lookers either. Too much competition to keep an eye on and when you go out with your guy you don’t want to be watching their every move in case a girl should make a play for them. Or as in the case of a good looking guy I once knew, observe them constantly checking their appearance in anything reflective.

No, when I go out with a guy I want to feel comfortable at ease and wanted.

So really I have passed up the lookers and the posers, even though I go to gym and regularly see the guys there working out with weights I don’t tend to notice them. As if I subconsciously block them out. They just never interested me. And have a rather musky sweaty smell around them. Lol

That was until now! I have been awakened.

I promise myself every year without fail, that I will not watch Big Brother and what do I end up doing! This years Celebrity Hijack version has me tuning in for two reasons this year. The first being to find out who the celebrity controlling the house for the day is and secondly to see if Vincent is wandering around in his t-shirt. *drool*

That guy has a wonderful physique, toned but not overly developed on the muscle front. For those of you who don’t know, this year the house is occupied by 12 people with various talents and is presided over by a new celebrity every day. Vincent’s talent is that he is a hunk…no he is a Circus performer and acrobat, along with his sister.

When the camera is on him I find myself hooked to the screen and everything else just has to wait. Check out the image in the top left corner and you can see why. Alex had to wait for his dinner the other night because Suze was letching. 🙂

Oh well, he is only a distraction for another two weeks if he doesn’t get voted out in the meantime. I’ll update you later…have to go. 😉

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