Fuck! What Were They Thinking Of?

By | May 12, 2010

Naughty VegetablesHaving been a sex toy reviewer for over 4 years now I have a nose for a good sex toy. Most of the time I can look at something and immediately tell if it will work or not. Sometimes I am surprised and a toy that may not look all that is good.

It also never fails to surprise me just how many ill-conceived and totally bad ideas there are out there. For example why would you want a mains driven toy which is cumbersome and weighty when you can find a toy which has more functionality and is battery powered?

Believe me we have had some strange toys and not so wonderful toys submitted for review over the years. In fact one of them resembled something you would use in the workshop, was cumbersome and heavy and was totally ineffective.

You have to ask why people would pursue the development of something so obviously impractical and I suppose the answer is they are all chasing the next big thing.

I always try to look upon the positive but sometimes you just have to ask. “Did you show this to someone else during its development?”.

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