Monster Cum Shots And Massive Cocks

By | May 12, 2010

Extreme CockDoes anyone actually get turned on by the ridiculous over-sized cocks and gallons of cum that are featured on some of the daftest sites on the adult Web?

It’s difficult to say because it’s obvious that the enormous phalluses, carefully shot and obviously edited after the images were taken could never exist. The ones that also feature gallons of cum squirting over girl’s faces are even more obviously faked.

If it were that the consumers of such images were viewing them for shock value or because they found them amusing then I would have to say that they are only shocking/funny for a while. Soon the joke is tired and not funny any more.

So I’d have to conclude that someone finds these shots attractive or arousing. Why? Maybe they fantasise about covering a woman’s face in cum in a way that it’s physically impossible to do – a sort of mega-bukkake – or maybe they want to degrade and subjugate women with their gushing semen and monstrous cocks?

I can’t decide how to explain the existence of these sites, because they don’t do anything for me so I’m lacking in insight regarding them. For me they have nothing to do with sex and sensuality. They may as well be images of someone jetwashing a car.